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Composite Doors

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Green Glaze Windows Composite Door Collection is a breakthrough in door technology, combining proven levels of high security with incredible good looks…

Our Composite Door set is available to meet the requirements of the “Secured by Design” License; which is an official Police Initiative backed by the Home Office Crime Reduction Unit.

The full range is certified for performance against extreme weather conditions, whilst being accredited against extreme physical attack methods used by intruders. Our doors give you the peace of mind that your home is protected and safe, no matter what the conditions.

Along with the robust door structure, all of our doors are fitted with a multi point locking system, which is endorsed by the Master Locksmiths Association, and approved by all leading UK insurance companies.

When it comes to doors, we know there’s far more to it than choosing something that looks good. Our door frames combine style, security and durability. Whatever the style of your home, we’ve got a door to suit.

Our exterior composite doors have many benefits

  • Solid construction from composite materials and uPVC
  • Durable, long-lasting and easy to use
  • Energy efficient – lower heading bills and no more draught
  • High quality security features, including multi-point locking systems, compression deadbolts and high-security handles that meet British Standard PAS 23/24
  • Almost no maintenance

Choice of colours

All of our doors are available a variety of colours and finishes:

  • Duck Egg Blue, Blue, Red, Black, Green, Chartwell Green, Irish Oak, Oak, Rosewood, Grey, Schwarz Braun, White, Foiled White, Cream, Purple, Mocha, Painswich Green
  • Wood grained or smooth finishes available (smooth finish only available with the White, Rosewood, Irish Oak and Schwarz Braun). Due to material differences in the manufacturing process, doors with a wood finish have a slight colour variation between the door slab and the frame under certain lighting conditions.
  • All colours are available inside and outside.

You’ll never have to worry about painting your door. When we add the colour of your choice during the manufacturing process, that’s the colour it will stay. It won’t fade or crack, and your door will need almost no maintenance. The only problem you might have is deciding which colour to go for….


It’s the unique technology behind our composite doors that makes them so effective. We use an exceptionally stable solid laminate timber core within a reinforced extruded uPVC frame fitted with twin brush piles and a Q-Lon seal to cut out draughts. Combined with advanced security features and double glazing, our doors can handle anything life throws at them.

In fact, our composite doors are around six times more durable, secure and thermally efficient than traditional wood doors, and they need little maintenance.


Our security systems are second to none, so when you choose one of our doors, you can feel safe inside your home, and reassured that it’s secure when you’re away. As well as the solid composite structure and sturdy wooden core frame, we use a high-quality latch, double-hook system and three deadbolts in all our composite doors. For maximum peace of mind, you can also choose from a range of high security glazing options.