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Edwardian / Georgian Conservatories

The Edwardian style has a square fronted projection which maximises the available space in your new conservatory. Capturing the elegant and dignified simplicity of the Edwardian architectural style, this type of conservatory is often the most appropriate way to extend your home.

Edwardian conservatories create practical space whether small or large and are a great way to extend the enjoyment of your garden throughout the year.

The basic shape means that they are easier to construct. With no irregular shapes, the design means components can be easily manufactured. The simple design also means that there are fewer potential issues to deal with.

The construction of an Edwardian conservatory make them ideal on most properties although the higher slope means that they are not available on single storey properties. In this instance, such as a bungalow, we would have to construct a metal insulated box gutter which is then attached to the house, either directly onto the property or by means of the fascia.

The roof is then hipped back and we call this a Double Hipped Edwardian/Georgian. Box gutter can be used to overcome many tricky situations – give us a call and we are at hand to advise.

All of our conservatory designs are bespoke to your requirements, and we will be happy to bring together a proposal inclusive of CAD drawings to help you make a decision.

Feel free to contact us for more information, and to organise your free on-site consultation.