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Durable replacement rooflines from a home improvement specialist

If you live in Halstead, Colchester, Braintree or surrounding Essex areas and you’re looking to repair, replace or upgrade your existing roofline, Green Glaze can help. Our team of professional installers are experienced when it comes to installing new uPVC rooflines across a broad range of Essex homes.

High quality uPVC fascias, soffits and guttering systems

We offer everything from uPVC fascias and soffits to guttering and rainwater systems, helping you to customise your new roofline to match the needs of your property. The simple designs of our rooflines makes them suited to every type of property, with 4 styles to choose from. This makes a roofline from Green Glaze Windows one of the most versatile companies available.

Increased weatherproofing, enhanced aesthetics

Not only will a new roofline from Green Glaze Windows in Halstead increase the weatherproofing of your home, it will also help to increase its attractiveness and overall aesthetics. Long lasting and requiring very little maintenance, a roofline from Green Glaze Windows is a valuable investment for your property.

Too often we have seen customers having caping boards fitted over existing timber fascias rather that having the old timber removed and completely replaced.

This may seem the more cost effective option when presented to you in the short term, but over the long run is it really such a good idea?

The rotten wood hasn’t gone anywhere, it is still there sealed in, deteriorating even more by the year

Eventually the nails will come loose due to rotted and infested wood, leaving your fascias exposed and unsecured, not to mention an invalidated guarantee.

Green Glaze Windows in Halstead recommend a complete removal of existing timber to truly realise the benefits of PVC-U roofline.