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Cottage Half Composite Front Door

Available in five different colours, the Half Cottage composite door is a charming, glazed cottage design.
The large rectangular window comes with a choice of stylish double glazing from our extensive range. Choose from 15 different obscure glass patterns, 10 different decorative glass patterns, a decorative glass with an obscure glass backing or just clear glass. You can also opt for an unglazed door, ready for a custom glass to be fitted.
Finally, your front door can be finished with a range of front door furniture to suit your needs. We have a variety of handles, door knockers, spy holes, letterboxes, locks and numerals in 3 different finishes for you to choose from.

All our composite doors are available hinged on the left or right and with the option of opening inwards or opening outwards.

Cottage Half Composite Door Styles

Half Cottage Composite Door Glass Designs