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French Doors

French doors are doors which have one or more glazed panels contained in a single frame. They are similar to door-sized casement windows, so sometimes they’re known as French windows. French doors are usually found at the back of properties and often become patio doors or the main rear entrance door. They combine practicality with a stylish, ‘outdoor living’ look.

grey french doors essex
  1.  Look stylish and classy and can be made to suit any style of home.
  2. Let in lots of light and provide unrestricted views letting you enjoy your garden in any weather.
  3. Can be opened very wide, which is great for entertaining or for moving large items in or out of your house!
  4. Include weather-proofed seals down the centre (where the doors meet) to keep out the wind and rain.
  5. Are available in all materials and finishes from timber to uPVC.