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Signature Casement Windows

Our Casement windows look just as good in older properties as they do in modern homes. Designed for ease of use, they are both secure and stylish. With classic lines and slim frames, our replacement casement windows are a superb addition to any home. Casement windows can be used in  square and segmented bays.

Signature Casement windows traditionally open out from the side, called “side hung” windows or they open from the top known as “top hung”. The casement window is versatile and you can have any type of combination opening; having top and side openings enables you to either have full ventilation or partial top opening should you want to feel more secure in your home.

Side opening make excellent fire escapes and at Green Glaze Windows, we use heavy duty side hinges which can open slightly or full opening angle of 90 degrees; this has an added advantage of being a fire escape. The hinge is adjustable and you can slide the 90 degree open window in on itself allowing ease of cleaning.

All Green Glaze Windows, casement hinges are made from high quality stainless steel and are fixed using stainless steel fixings. We know that peace of mind is an important factor when purchasing your new windows.

  1.  Super slim sightlines
  2.  The industry’s most energy efficient windows
  3.  High performance warm-edge technology sealed unit
  4.  Unique and supple gasket material
  5.  Unique shaped bead using the same feature to match the frame
  6.  Internally glazed for security
  7.  Extra seal for added insulation and weather proofing, strength and fixing
  8.  Industry-first, innovative internal cell structure adding exponentially to strength and energy efficiency
  9.  Enhanced drainage and added strength
  10.  3mm sidewall thickness increases durability
  11.  Energy efficient WER bar reinforcer for added strength, insulation and fixing
  12.  Industry-high gloss and smoothest surface finish ensures reduced maintenance and easy cleaning

Green Glaze Windows offers high security Yale shootbolt locking as standard on all window installations.

Secured by design as standard